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How to determine grooming prices :

Grooming prices vary and depend on a few factors such as size, condition, and hair-style. For example, small dog (less than12 lbs) prices start at $55.00 for the full grooming. Please see the various options below to get and accurate price estimate.

1. Call us at 909-760-7800 during business hours.


2. Bring your pooch to our studio and meet  one of our stylists in person to obtain an estimate and see how your dog adapts to the new environment (call for appointment).

3. Text us pictures of your fur-babies at 909-760-7800 along with some basic information such as...

- What type of dog do you have

- Weight (estimate)

- How old is your dog

- What type of services or hair-cut are you looking for

- How often does she or he get to see a professional groomer

- How do you prefer to hear back from us (text or phone call)

4. Email us at

Once we have your inquiry, we will respond as soon as possible.  Please remember to bring your vaccination records on your first visit. (DPP, Rabies, etc.)

Thank you,

Impeccable Pooch Team

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